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0 new messagesWedson Anselme is set to leave Sheikh Jamal Dhanmondi Club within a few days010106bana2166
06/25/16 12:54pm
06/25/16 10:20pm
0 new messagesCaribbean cup in October 0175elwewe
06/24/16 03:22pm
06/24/16 04:39pm
0 new messagesSkal Labissiere drafted0478wifout
06/24/16 01:27pm
06/24/16 07:28pm
0 new messagesThe Future of the National Team0142812Creo
06/20/16 11:20pm
06/26/16 06:09pm
0 new messagesPatrice neveu coûte 18 000 euros par MOIS à la FHF selon (216 000 euros par an).010317prolific
06/18/16 06:20pm
06/20/16 08:38am
0 new messagesHaitian forward, Christiano François, on trial with NYRed Bulls07226bana2166
06/15/16 09:02am
06/17/16 08:55am
0 new messagesUn trio haïtien au service du FC Cibao (charles herold, babalito)03184prolific
06/13/16 12:29pm
06/19/16 11:53am
0 new messagesThe Stench Part Deux - Haiti vs Ecuador analysis01191216jeanjak
06/12/16 09:36pm
06/21/16 09:46pm
0 new messagesGrenadiers Please Give Haitians Something to Celebrate05167Darfour
06/12/16 01:48pm
06/13/16 05:31am
0 new messagesPremier saut pas SOT011240garincha
06/10/16 02:06pm
06/12/16 05:27pm
0 new messagesRating the stench of the Haiti vs Brazil match.035458jeanjak
06/08/16 10:11pm
06/12/16 07:27pm
0 new messagesHAITI VS BRESIL026355haitifoot
06/08/16 01:22pm
06/09/16 09:30am
0 new messagesHaiti soccer - short term future!011332jiroto1
06/06/16 07:12pm
06/10/16 07:18am
0 new messagesPeru vs Haiti Observations029491jeanjak
06/05/16 10:44am
06/07/16 09:26am
0 new messagesHAITI - PERU (COPA AMERICA)021590footfan53
06/04/16 08:22am
06/08/16 06:28am
0 new messagesNou kite se etranje kap pale byen de foutbol lakay nou; nou pas wont?00193rodfel2001
06/01/16 12:00am
06/01/16 12:05am
0 new messagesPouki Ayisyen pa ale nan match Colombi a?034773footagogo
05/30/16 02:48pm
06/05/16 10:09pm
0 new messagesMen link match la!!!00175billymix2001
05/29/16 06:08pm
05/29/16 06:08pm
0 new messagesHaiti vs colombie : onze de depart 016636elwewe
05/29/16 03:38pm
05/30/16 02:43pm
0 new messages Jozy Altidore making sure Haitians will get to watch Copa America Centenario Haiti are a surprise qualifier for the tournament00157elwewe
05/25/16 10:45pm
05/25/16 10:46pm
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