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0 new messagesInfantino in haiti02171garincha
04/25/17 11:12am
04/30/17 08:10pm
0 new messagesWho to replace Dadou????01153garincha
04/24/17 08:37pm
04/24/17 11:12pm
0 new messagesRickssen Opont00146garincha
04/23/17 02:57pm
04/23/17 02:57pm
0 new messagesFrantzdy Pierrot sign with Reading United of PDL 00149bana2166
04/20/17 09:46am
04/20/17 09:46am
0 new messagesNBA Center Skal Labissiere flashes immense talent as he works to make draft experts look foolish00176bana2166
04/12/17 11:53am
04/12/17 11:53am
0 new messagesNo more friendly with Oman, Kosovo & China ....... CONCACAF’s new League of Nations plan01253bana2166
04/08/17 09:31am
04/08/17 09:37am
0 new messagesLa FHF exige une enquête de la Concacaf sur le corps arbitral mexicain0411061Darfour
04/06/17 08:24pm
04/19/17 02:31pm
0 new messagesSebastien Lauture mvp of the week 03268MIKE
04/05/17 07:53pm
04/06/17 11:19am
0 new messagesManager Arrested For Match Fixing For 12-0 Loss to Barcelona B Team Because of Obvious Poor Defending00173jeanjak
04/05/17 10:48am
04/05/17 10:49am
0 new messagesLe Bonnevalais et sélectionneur globe-trotter Patrice Neveu est farouchement opposé à la vidéo00202bana2166
04/05/17 10:26am
04/05/17 10:26am
0 new messagesJeremy Boga04363garincha
04/02/17 05:08pm
04/05/17 02:49am
0 new messagesKisa FHF la doué fè après élimination sa .019528haitifoot
04/01/17 02:17pm
04/08/17 02:25pm
0 new messagesPackers DE Ricky Jean Francois Owns 25 Dunkin' Donuts Franchises00191bana2166
04/01/17 09:20am
04/01/17 09:20am
0 new messagesX-Washingon Redskins Clinton Portis To Provide A Helping Hand In Haiti01194bana2166
04/01/17 09:15am
04/01/17 09:17am
0 new messagesHaitian Born prospect sign with New York Yankees Baseball team .........: Estevan Florial00188bana2166
04/01/17 09:13am
04/01/17 09:13am
0 new messagesHaiti U1701061085Dasoman
03/31/17 10:01am
04/30/17 05:36pm
0 new messagesProof that Haiti didn't deserve to win this game, and who is to blame for this circus that is our football08398jeanjak
03/30/17 01:35pm
04/03/17 07:18am
0 new messagesAhem...Knock! Knock! I have heard the news!019540Touppouyo
03/29/17 08:45am
03/31/17 09:14pm
0 new messagesHaiti s'est fait voler04336prolific
03/29/17 07:53am
03/29/17 06:33pm
0 new messages This topic is simply titled FUCK DADOU!!!!!!02319haitifoot
03/28/17 11:08pm
03/29/17 05:09am
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